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Go!Mobile Orange is an online resource for tourists seeking an easy way to find, research and buy self-guided tours that run on popular mobile devices, and for tour producers seeking an efficient and effective way to have their products discovered and acquired by tourists.

For the tourist, Orange allows them to:

  1. Access a comprehensive, online inventory of self-guided tours from hundreds of tour producers regardless of who makes the products or how they are normally distributed.
  2. Sort the products by:
    1. Location
    2. Language (English, Japanese, German, etc.)
    3. Device type (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.)
    4. Features (audio, virtual reality, ad sponsored, allows offline use, etc.)
    5. Characteristics (indoor/outdoor, walkable or requires vehicle, duration, etc.)
    6. Rating
    7. Cost
  3. Study product reviews by both other tourists and professionals in the travel industry, similar to how Rotten Tomatoes provides film ratings or Trip Advisor provides hotel and restaurant ratings.
  4. Buy tours they are unable to purchase from Apple’s app store or Google Play, either because the tours are not listed there (such as HTML5 products) or because the buyer is unable to access the stores due to in-country or other restrictions.
  5. Link to tours they are able to purchase on Apple’s app store or Google Play, at no additional cost to the buyer.

For the tour producer, Orange allows them to:

  1. List their products using an Orange portal (prototype screen shown) citing key features and characteristics of importance to the buyer, even if and when those products are unsupported by the Apple app store or Google Play.
  2. Participate in regional marketing campaigns designed to lower advertising costs (sample Go!Mobile rack card shown).
  3. Connect with local stakeholders, like hotels, restaurants and shops, that benefit from the tour’s success.
  4. Promote their products via banner ads, in-app, incentivized and other advertising mechanisms.
  5. Access tips, tools, techniques, forums and other resources useful for producing new and better tour products.