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Tech Based Storytelling


“What is it?” 
“What’s it’s story?”
“How does it help me?”

These are questions that cross a person’s mind, consciously or unconsciously, hundreds of times a day as they live their daily lives. They might be on a trip to the pyramids of Egypt, or to Wal-Mart. Either way, they will encounter some “thing” with a story that might interest or benefit them.

Modern technologies like mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT) and its cousin the Physical Web, present vast new opportunities to connect people with things. Sometimes that connection serves an immediate purpose, like informing someone that the pair of shoes they admire are available and on sale right around the corner from where they are having coffee (aka geo-advertising). At other times the technologies serve a more noble purpose, such as conveying the personal history of person from old photographs or a gravestone (geo-location content).

The red thread tying everything together is effective communication. When crafting the story of a thing, Brant knows how to make it engaging and relevant, even when the audience is from a different culture, or speaks a foreign language. When managing a project or product development, Brant understands he must be, first and foremost, a great communicator…down, up, and over. 

To keep his communications skills nimble and up-to-date, Brant engages in a variety of creative pursuits that require a mastery of modern technology, including:

You might be surprised to find that blend of skills in a person with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a long career in the software industry, but that’s what is needed in the inter-connected world of the 21st century ~ the hybrid, the exceptional, the platypus, the engineer, and the storyteller. Brant is that person.


“Let us create a treasure of memories that lasts for generations.” Jay Carneal