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Assisted Living Products

Danbra is engaged in multiple projects designed to help tens of millions of seniors who want to age in place with dignity, comfort, safety, and grace. We move forward the way one walks…right step, left step, right step…etc.

The first step we do through our Dance to Death Afterlife social media channels, which helps us embed ourselves with those who are at end-of-life, or those who care for them. Social media is an excellent way to learn and understand at a deep level he needs of our senior customers, what tools, tips and technologies might help them live victoriously, and what ideas are changing their lives for the better.

The second step is to prototype products we think might help, applying Agile principles to product development ~ a system summarized graphically here. While all 12 principles of Agile are important, we particularly value the concept of inviting customers to be co-designers, and how simplicity ~ the art of maximizing the amount of work not done ~ helps build great products. You can see an example of our Agile product development process at work with StoryBox ~ an easy, do-it-yourself way to produce a video of loved ones telling stories about old paper photographs.