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BH_profileIn the course of a diverse career covering all aspects of the computer hardware and software industry, Brant Huddleston has proven to be a skilled executive, visionary entrepreneur, sales leader, creative business development professional, and disciplined project manager.

He holds a B.Sc. in Engineering from the University of Virginia and is a certified Project Management Professional. He is the author of two books, numerous films and essays; a patented inventor; host of a popular podcast; a composer and performing musician; and father of three daughters.

In addition to having been raised and educated in Europe, Brant has consulted on-site in Germany, Finland, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. His extensive personal travels have led him through Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Brant presently resides in Richmond, Virginia, but is available to serve anywhere in the world.

Peter Meyer

“Brant developed and implemented many valuable business processes, which streamlined our business, lowered project risk, and increased our bottom line. He is especially skilled at developing tight specifications for contractor performance, defining scope, and building report with a diverse range of stakeholders. He communicates well, both up and down the management chain. He takes responsibility for his actions, and consistently works at improving his performance. At the successful conclusion of the project, the project was completed in record time, under the very tight budget guidelines established, and the quality achieved was best in class.”
Peter Meyer, Executive Vice President, GPM Investments

Harry Singer

“Brant quickly assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the project and our team, put in place a structured plan with achievable tasks, timelines, and milestones, and rallied people around his plan. He held each professional accountable, showing appropriate toughness while giving them the respect they deserved. He showed he could both lead, but was also open to new ideas, encouraging the team to do their best and own their responsibilities to the fullest.”
Harry Singer, President, Impress Your World

Tori Bogardus

“Brant is one of those rare individuals who has both a command of technical issues and a strong sense of design. I recommend Brant for any endeavor that requires a creative mind, effective communication, thorough problem-solving, and inspirational leadership.”

Tori Bogardus, President/Owner, WebWorx, Inc.

Governor Hull

“I would like to express my personal gratitude for the efforts of Brant Huddleston in leading the project to fruition from the IBM side. Although he has since moved on to other projects, his commitment to the success of ServiceArizona was invaluable. He had a sense of mission on behalf of IBM and an understanding of Arizona’s needs that enabled him to recognize critical issues and work diligently to resolve them. His professionalism is an asset to your organization.”

Governor Jane D. Hull, State of Arizona, in a letter to IBM CEO Louis Gerstner

John Petze

“Brant also proved his ability to wear many hats. Unrelated to his business development role, we asked Brant to take over project management for a key project with our largest customer. The project was late, communications were poor and the customer was unhappy. Brant turned this situation completely around. Within 90 days I was receiving calls from the C-level executives at the customer telling me what a great job, Tridium and especially “our new project manager” was doing for them. That customer continues to be our largest today. Brant played a major role in making that happen and effectively transitioned the account support activities to others.”
John Petze, President & CEO, Tridium

Ted Fogarty

“Brant quickly and aggressively took control of the project, developed a plan based on the software vendor’s forecast, decisively managed risks, and effectively communicated with a highly eclectic group of users, which included managers, developers, and hundreds of our subcontractors. It was that last group, subcontractors, where Brant’s communication skills really shined, as he used a variety of channels to engage them.”

Ted Fogarty, Director of Facilities, GPM Investments